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190,392.00 Rs 15866/Month
108,840.00 Rs 9070/Month
78,900.00 Rs 6575/Month
70,740.00 Rs 5895/Month
54,480.00 Rs 4540/Month



164,000.00182,000.00 Rs 12000/Month



95,200.00 Rs 7100/Month



56,400.00 Rs 4700/Month


Honda CB-150F

276,000.00 Rs 23000/Month
95,208.00 Rs 7934/Month
44,880.00 Rs 3740/Month
42,168.00 Rs 3514/Month
39,444.00 Rs 3287/Month
171,360.00 Rs 14280/Month

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Dawlance 9175-WB – LVS

55,800.00 Rs 4650/Month
81,600.00 Rs 6800/Month
89,760.00 Rs 7480/Month

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Gree Cabnet 24 Supreme

169,320.00 Rs 14110/Month
171,360.00 Rs 14280/Month
108,672.00 Rs 9056/Month
112,200.00 Rs 9350/Month
123,768.00 Rs 10314/Month
149,460.00 Rs 12455/Month
127,848.00 Rs 10654/Month
57,120.00 Rs 4760/Month
115,608.00 Rs 9634/Month
115,608.00 Rs 9634/Month
129,192.00 Rs 10766/Month
193,128.00 Rs 16094/Month

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Refrigerator DW-9101

65,280.00 Rs 5440/Month

Home Appliances

Dryer Super Asia 540

13,599.0016,550.00 Rs 3400/Month
Rs 3400
2019/06/06 19:00:00
57,888.0062,873.00 Rs 5239.5/Month

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Canon Cooking Ranges

27,300.0030,000.00 Rs 3000/Month
40,320.00 Rs /Month

Dreams.pk: No. 1 Online Leasing Company in Pakistan

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition going on in the online e-commerce industry of Pakistan. There are several websites who are offering different types of products online for the convenience of the customers. These websites have provide ease for the consumers of today without any hassle of going to the market to buy their desired product can now just click and get their product delivered at their doorstep. Though, there is a vast majority of consumers who are afraid of buying their products online, as they think the product they choose online to buy, when delivered is not of good quality or is not from genuine vendor.

Online Installments are Possible Now

Recently, the owner of Pakistan’s first online comparison website Comparebox.pk has launched first reliable Online Leasing Company in Pakistan for the consumers by the name of Dreams.pk. Here on this website, the consumers will get the chance to buy their daily use items from a needle to an airplane on installment in an effortless manner. This website has a massive collection of mobiles, laptops, LEDs, home appliances, motorcycles and much more belonging to both known and unknown brand manufacturers. This platform provides an online platform for the user to buy their desired products online on lease as well as cash depending on the product they select. Here on this website, you will be able to choose from different flexible installment plans according to your financial budget.

Above all, the most important question that arises in our minds that why would anybody go to buy a cash product online as a genuine product is available on lease? Here on this website the customers are assured that they will get the genuine product for which they have paid for, not like other online e-commerce sites, where they cheat their customers by sending low quality or non-genuine products just to earn money. Dreams.pk will first deliver you the product and then you will be paying the money in easy installments. This will completely assure that the product you buy from here will be of genuine quality and will come with official company warranty.

Recently, we have heard that in Ramadan 2018, Dreams.pk is starting a campaign in which they will be offering products on lease on 0% markup for the convenience of their customers. This means the user will be going to buy the product on cash price installments instead of the price which is added after calculating markup. This surely is a great step by this online leasing website for the consumers in Pakistan, who are interested in buying their product online on lease.