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Top Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan 2019

Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

If we are talking about home appliances, the first thing that comes to mind is “Refrigerator”. That’s why major consumer goods brands such as Dawlance, PEL and Haier are working to offer high-tech refrigerators that meet the needs of modern cooking. A modern kitchen is absolutely incomplete without a stylish, innovative and durable refrigerator. The presence of an innovative, sophisticated and stylish refrigerator in your kitchen speaks volumes about your life.

There is no doubt that a refrigerator with advanced technology and amazing features can really be a great addition to your kitchen. Modern refrigerators do more than preserve food and provide you with solid, perfect ice cubes. In recent decades, we have witnessed a great innovation in the manufacture of refrigerators. Some of the latest features such as WiFi connectivity, voice-activated touch panel controls, and instant cube creation are simply remarkable.

When buying a refrigerator, people wash their heads and wonder which brand to choose. To help you make an informed decision, we have listed below the top five brands of refrigerators you could choose in 2019.

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Refrigerator Price in Pakistan


Established since 1980, Dawlance is widely recognized for producing the best refrigerators in Pakistan. With other household appliances such as microwaves, washing machines and air-conditioners, their refrigerators stand out from the rest. A hi-tech refrigerator is one that carries a supreme cooling system, advanced technology and chic design … and Dawlance makes it all possible for you. The brand holds a large share of the market, mainly because of its innovative refrigerators and high technology. Dawlance understands the needs and expectations of its customers and always offers high quality, reliable and efficient appliances. If you are thinking of buying a refrigerator that should be affordable and stylish, look no further than Dawlance.

Dawlance is the name of reliability and therefore provides you with the most durable products in Pakistan. Like any other brand on the market, dawlance offers a wide range of single door, double door and French door refrigerators. All Dawlance refrigerators feature outstanding performance and unrivaled features.


If you’re looking for an affordable but full-featured refrigerator, opt for Pel refrigerators. Pel is one of the best brands of consumer goods manufacturing in Pakistan with millions of buyers across the country. Established since 1956, the brand always presents itself to present the best range of electronics in Pakistan. When it comes to Pel refrigerators, you have many options. Choose the one that best suits your pocket and kitchen space. Pel offers a wide variety of styles and features: from single-door refrigerators to French-door refrigerators, from double-door refrigerators to refrigerator-freezers. Each refrigerator has its unique design and features. Pel uses state-of-the-art technological methods to produce refrigerators with an elegant design and unbeatable performance. Pel offers great quality with the complete satisfaction of its customers. Unlike other brands on the market, Pel refrigerators save you energy and avoid electricity bills.

They are very energy efficient and save you thousands of rupees a month on your utility bills. Not only are they energy efficient and durable, they’re also space-saving and stylish to give your kitchen an elegant look without blocking large spaces. So, without hesitation, take a look at Pel Refrigerators and choose the one that best fits your kitchen and your budget.


It goes without saying that Orient is one of the pioneering brands of consumer goods manufacturing in Pakistan. With decades of experience, the brand has gained a remarkable position in the market and still uses the most modern methods to produce sustainable and high-tech products for its customers. From kitchen appliances to kitchen appliances, you name it and the East has it. Orient refrigerators are among the best with their modern features and striking appearance. The brand offers the best range of refrigerators with double door, single door and French door offering unbeatable performance.

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