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Waves Deep Freezer WDFT-315-TL

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Deep Freezer
Waves Deep Freezer Double Door (15cft) Model WDFT-315

Double door

Stainless Steel Series Deep Freezer

Color: White

Size: 15 Cubic Feet

Capacity: 365 liters

Weight: 95 KG Approx

Power Consumption 320 WT

Voltage / Frequency: 220V~ / 50Hz

Dimensions (H X W X L) 34 x 26 x 52 Inches

Compressor: Danfoss

Refrigerant: R134a

Temperature range: Less Than -18

Mobility wheels: Yes

Functions: Super Freeze

Aluminium Interior Hygienic Embossed

Keep 100 Hours Cooling in freezer without Electricity

Interior light (switches on when door opens)

Rust Proof Powder Painted Outside body

Balanced Fan Cooled & High Performance

Environment-Friendly CFC Free

Copper Tubing & Evaporators, Condensers Pipes

Ice Box for Quick Ice Making Deep Freezer For Frozen Foods

Refrigerator Box Keeps vegetables, milk, meat etc for Fresh & Chilled

Made in Pakistan

3 Year Compressor 1 Year Free Home Service Company Warranty

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