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ECO Star 32 inch

0.0029,000.00 Rs 2500/Month
41,300.0045,000.00 Rs 3750/Month


LED 32 ECOStar

26,400.0030,000.00 Rs 2500/Month


LED Ecostar 40u561

44,300.00 Rs 3700/Month



50,400.00 Rs 4200/Month



68,400.00 Rs 5200/Month
48,100.00 Rs 3700/Month



82,600.00 Rs 6300/Month


Ecostar led 40u561

44,410.00 Rs 3310/Month
80,500.00 Rs 6700/Month
55,000.00 Rs 4000/Month
48,000.00 Rs 4000/Month
32,500.00 Rs 2500/Month
31,200.00 Rs 2600/Month
62,900.0085,600.00 Rs 6580/Month


LED Ecostar 49UD921


Eco Star

Eco Star LEDs on Easy Installments

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Most importantly, in case you are low on financial budget and wish to purchase brand LED, essentially visit Dreams.pk. We enable you to purchase costly mobiles on money at aggressive costs for the accommodation of their esteem buyers. Awais Farooq is the proud owner of this well-known leasing website. We have vast collection of Eco Star LEDs, or whatever brand you can purchase on lease or on cash. Most noteworthy, you can purchase any Eco Star LED on money or on easy monthly installments in Pakistan here. You simply say the cell phone you have to purchase, and we have it for our shoppers. Other than that, searching for a this company LED or other brand you get it here both on cash and lease.

How to Buy Eco Star LEDs on Installments

Consumer want to buy any Smartphone or Eco Star LED on installments, you just need to visit our website. Here on our website, select your mobile by selecting it from our LED category. Most importantly, you get two options buy on cash and buy on easy monthly installments. Simply select the payment method and buy your LED on installments of this company. Here on this website, we offer this company LED on cash at competitive prices for our valued consumers. We offer flexible monthly installment plans to our customers, who show interest in buying this company mobiles on monthly installments. Our website proves to be a lifesaver to the consumers who don’t have the budget to buy brand LEDs.

This is where Dreams.pk comes into place, we offer all brand LEDs on easy monthly installments to such consumers. Moreover, we also offer reasonable installment plans to the consumer according to their financial budget.

Guarantee of Original Eco Star LEDs

Furthermore, we have direct contact with company owners, which assure our consumers that the Eco Star LED they buy is genuine. Though, here at Dreams.pk it doesn’t happen as we offer genuine products with official warranty for the mind satisfaction of our valued consumers. Ecostar LED is one of the best economical LEDs to buy in Pakistan.