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Home Appliances

Homage UPS 1011

15,480.00 Rs 2580/Month
22,200.0026,400.00 Rs 2200/Month
21,000.0024,000.00 Rs 2000/Month

Home Appliances


32,220.0034,110.00 Rs 3790/Month

Home Appliances


16,380.0017,100.00 Rs 1900/Month

Home Appliances


20,700.0021,420.00 Rs 2380/Month

Home Appliances

Ecostar UPS 1290

21,650.00 Rs 2930/Month
21,000.0024,000.00 Rs 2000/Month
20,400.00 Rs 1700/Month

Home Appliances

Ecostar UPS 2460

27,500.00 Rs 4100/Month

Home Appliances

Ecostar UPS 2440

26,000.00 Rs 3800/Month

Home Appliances

Ecostar UPS 1270



UPS on Installments in Pakistan

In every household, ups have become a necessity to power lights, fans and other electronics. Hence easy access to them in terms of ups on EMI is a wonderful initiative taken by Awais Farooq. He is also the founder of Pakistan’s first leading online comparison website, Comparebox. Dreams.pk have a vast collection and variety for all categories of electronics such as ups, Air Cooler, mobile phones, laptops, home appliances, Led TV, Tablets and a lot more, from almost all the famous, well known and popular brands sold and purchased in Pakistan. You say the brand and dreams.pk will have it. No matter what the brand or model is, dreams.pk will have it. We have vast variety and collection from bigger multinational brands to smaller local brands.

UPS brands available on dreams.pk include Homage, Cyber Power, ECO Star, APC, Aurora and many more. This means that now anyone can purchase UPS on monthly installment online in Pakistan which was not available before. This way purchase of ups on installment in Pakistan has become much more convenient and helpful for everyone. Our site, Dreams.pk has each sort and brand of UPS. These UPS consolidate the most popular ones to local made ones. This basically infers our website has each kind of UPS you will ever require and these features make Dreams.pk as one of those not a lot of productive online stores that empower all the buyer of Pakistan to buy their UPS both on installment and cash as indicated by their spending plan.

Different Brands UPS Available on Cash and EMI Online at Dreams.pk

This online leasing site offers differing competitive installment plans for UPS on installment of different brands that are instantly available for the area Pakistani customers. These UPS accessible on dreams.pk Home Age, APC, Aurora and more coming soon. This infers now anyone can purchase any model of UPS on EMI Pakistan on lease and cash.

Our site furthermore supports you in buying imported brand UPS on cash and lease. These UPS can be acquired by picking versatile installment plan according to your financial plan or cash. You can even buy UPS on EMI without interest. Here on this website you can get UPS on installment on the web and substantially different appliances that you requirement for your home anyway can never save enough to make a quick purchase, this webpage will be a help, it will put your home necessities and hold assets to the best use by these heavenly installment plans. A prevailing piece of outfits in Pakistan believe that the things they buy on lease or cash from different online stores are not for each situation extraordinary quality, they’re either an exchange off on quality or are not exceptional, however Dreams.pk guarantees this isn’t the circumstance.