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Home Appliances


10,600.0015,000.00 Rs 2650/Month

Home Appliances

Boss Geyser 7-8L

29,400.0033,900.00 Rs 2600/Month
11,055.00 Rs 1005/Month
11,700.0013,500.00 Rs 1030/Month
13,600.0015,700.00 Rs 1200/Month
25,900.0029,800.00 Rs 2290/Month

Home Appliances


31,800.00 Rs /Month

Home Appliances



Home Appliances

Sabro 35 Galan Geyser

22,980.00 Rs 3830/Month

Gas Geazers

Gas Geysers on Installments in Pakistan

Dreams.pk empowers you to get your gas geazer, Mobile
, Bikes or other any other product on EMI online and money. On our site, you can buy mobiles, gas geyser, home appliances and so on easy monthly installments. You can appreciate installment shopping in Pakistan, regardless of where you are or when you need it. An online installment in Pakistan has never been this simple and reachable. This site enables you to purchase in EMI with Zero Down Payment gas geysers through a reliable channel. These days, the vast majority of our work has been made significantly simpler through the assistance of appliances for different purposes. A standout amongst them is the gas geyser, which helps us in bathing with warm water in winter. Cooler has turned into a need, simple access to them as far as gas geyser on installment should be possible on Dreams.pk.

Our site, Dreams.pk has each type of gas geyser. These gas geysers incorporate local made and multinational brand made. This essentially implies our site has each sort of gas geyser you will ever require and these highlights make Dreams.pk as one of those not very many effective online stores that enable all the shopper of Pakistan to purchase their craving items both on lease and money according to their benefit and spending plan. This online EMI site offers distinctive installment plans on various brands that are promptly accessible for the nearby Pakistani clients. The gas geyser brands accessible on dreams.pk, incorporate Canon, Fischer, Boss, Sabro and more. This implies now anybody can buy any model of gas geyser in Pakistan on lease and money.

Why Here for Buying Gas Geyser on EMI Pakistan

Our site additionally encourages you in the purchasing of costly gas geysers on EMI online. These gas geysers can be purchased by choosing adaptable installment plans as per your income. You can even purchase gas geysers on cash without intrigue. Here on this site you can get gas geyser on installment online and much other home machines that you need for your home yet can never spare enough to make an immediate buy, this site will be a lifeline, it will put your home prerequisites and investment funds to the best use by these brilliant installment plans. A larger part of ensembles in Pakistan trust that the items they purchase on rent or money from various online stores are not in every case great quality, they’re either a bargain on quality or are not unique, though Dreams.pk ensures this isn’t the situation.