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14,800.0017,000.00 Rs 2110/Month
9,500.0010,900.00 Rs 830/Month
12,400.0014,300.00 Rs 1100/Month

Home Appliances

Canon Geyser 10 Lcf

12,720.00 Rs 2120/Month
9,500.0010,900.00 Rs 830/Month

Home Appliances

Canon 24D-12L LPG Geyser


Home Appliances

Geazer Canon 10-LCM

12,900.0014,900.00 Rs 1140/Month

Home Appliances

Geazer Canon 15-LCM

15,300.0017,600.00 Rs 2180/Month

Home Appliances

Canon 24D-12L LPG Geyser

16,500.0019,000.00 Rs 1460/Month

Home Appliances

Canon 16D-6L LPG Geyser

10,600.0012,200.00 Rs 930/Month

Home Appliances

Geazer Canon 16D-6L NG

10,700.0012,300.00 Rs 1520/Month

Home Appliances

Canon 604 4/6 Geyser

8,800.0018,000.00 Rs 2200/Month

Home Appliances

Boss Geyser 50L


Home Appliances

Boss Geyser 15L


Home Appliances

Canon Geyser 15 Lcf

16,140.00 Rs 2690/Month
11,700.0013,500.00 Rs 1030/Month

Electric Geazer

Electric Geyser on Installments in Pakistan

Online leasing shopping has wound up being easy for the buyers in Pakistan by Dreams.pk. You can esteem online leasing shopping in Pakistan paying little notice to where you are. Dreams.pk enables you to purchase on EMI online with Zero Down Payment electric geazers through a secure channel. Electric geysers have now changed into a need in all homes and it remains isolated without them. Dreams.pk is Pakistan’s online EMI website that gets items be it electric geysers or more on installments. Because of this reason, their favorable position has additionally broadened. Inevitably with the presentation of electric geysers, their costs have expanded profoundly. The essential choice left for individuals is acquiring electric geyser on installments. In such way, Dreams.pk is the best.

Awais Farooq who is the originator of Pakistan’s online comparison site, Compare box.pk also has this leasing website. Dreams.pk have a huge variety of electric geysers along with mobiles, kitchen appliances and more. You say electric geyser brand and dreams.pk will have it. In any case, which brand electric geyser you require, dreams.pk have an immense collection from multinational local brands electric geysers. Despite whether you need for electric geyser or Led TV
to buy on EMI visit Dreams.pk and it be yours.

Buy Original Electric Geyser on EMI Online at Dreams.pk

Dreams.pk offer flexible installment plans as per your spending plan. You can in like way make zero down payment, to get your thing on lease basically. Here on this site you can get electric geyser on installment in Pakistan and other Home appliances as well. Different clients in Pakistan, trust that the things they purchase on lease or money from various online stores are not of good quality. Nevertheless, here at Dreams.pk we ensure this isn’t the situation. We have direct contacts with the official dealers of every last best brand electric geyser, cell phones and various electronics. This will guarantee our clients to get the original and genuine products both on EMI and cash.

Clients who are enthusiastic about obtaining electric geyser on EMI, Dreams.pk is positively the best decision. Moreover, Dreams.pk is similarly a standout amongst other destinations that deal with electric geyser on EMI Pakistan and likewise on cash. The rates offered here on electric geysers are reasonable when stood out from other best web-based leasing sites or stores in Pakistan. Dreams.pk similarly empower you to track your solicitations that have been dispatched by us and that too by fundamental advances. You ought to just snap your demand history on our site and check the status of your demand.

Competitive Installment Plans for Electric Geysers on Dreams.pk

Nowadays, various electric geysers of different brands are available in the market, which are not in reach of people. For the effortlessness of such customers various sorts of electric geysers are available in the market. Customer who are tired of embarking to the business divisions to find your fitting rates or deals or can’t set aside chance to visit neighborhood stores or markets to buy your favored electric geyser? Stop your interest perfect here, in light of the fact that the solution for your issues is no ifs ands or buts Dreams.pk. Along these lines buy electric geysers online on installments through the best web based renting website in Pakistan.