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Suzuki Wagon R Crowned The Most Fuel-Efficient Car In Pakistan!

We are proud that Suzuki Wigan R was given the most fuel-efficient car in Pakistan. It should be included in addition to the fact that the sale of vehicle is increasingly rising in relation to rapid speeds. However, it has decreased by 15 percent last month in the last few years. Every road is a busy task to buy a new car. As prices and fuel prices have increased rapidly, prices are changing at all times. In such situations, people usually look for cars that are easy to give and maintain accurate mood.

Suzuki Wagon R crowns the most fuel efficient car in Pakistan!

In one of the investigative reports, people were told that the best cars based on fuel economy. As a result, people crowned Suzuki Wigan R as the fuel-efficient vehicle in the local category. In the same survey, Toyota Awaa was recognized as an efficient car in most of the imported classes.

Pak Suzuki sold 12,395 Wang R to January 2018 to May 2018. The fact is that there are many new reasons for people to buy a car. One of the main reasons is that fuel performance is good because people have high diagnosis in the automotive industry survey. Other reasons are reasonable maintenance cost schedule, competition in shares, availability of spare parts, high realel price and passengers are welcome.

Pak Suzuki announced Wagon R in 2014. 5-door hackbackback is offered in two different variables that are known as VXR and VXL. Wagon RV XR is considered to be a basic change, but VXL is loaded completely. Some features that are not of different types of VXR include immobilizer, central lock, and electrical windows.

In the survey, about 1 9155 answers were recorded throughout the country. 54% of respondents, therefore Punjab, 27 percent Sindh, 12 percent Islamabad, and 6% Khyber, 1 percent Balochistan and 0.10 percent were Gilgit-Baltistan. This survey is about expectations and routine practices in citizens’ spending habits, driving behavior, and the automotive sector of Pakistan.

Suzuki was one of the most interesting car companies in Pakistan today that there is no doubt. In such situations, it is certainly worthy of knowing them as a fuel-efficient vehicle. What do you think of this?

Two years back, the Suzuki Wigan R reached the fifth generation. It has established a new standard in minicar in limited Japan, by the introduction of the charge of generation Ene. Since many rivals are trying to quit fuel consumption, Wagon R will always find a way, and Suzuki wants to be the most fuel efficient automobile manufacturers in the world because the brand new effort is to make it Will be perplexing by presenting competitors

Well, here, at first glimpse, in 2015, Wagon R comes with a new hidden weapon, almost the same as the appearance of the models of pre-change. S-ENE charge

What is the ENE CHARGE? Basically improving the Ene charge, take advantage of the S-Ene charge developed a lithium-ion battery with a Tie-R06A engine and power to a better integrated starter generator to complete the new. ISG provides motor support during high speed and breakdown and stores a part of electricity.

An instability system has also changed. Within an hour of slow down 13 km’s distance, the engine is automatically closed, you can resume the ISG side of the calm engine implementation. Unexpected engine reseller is forced to implement a break stroke sensor.

Thank you for the new fuel savings technology, 2015MY Wagon R 32.4kmpl sets a new fuel economy. Again, 2015 My Wagon R & # 39; s performance has improved to 32.4 km. Now this Mitsubishi EK wagon transit, such as Honda N-WGN transit or fuel efficiently compared to its competitors because Suzuki fans note it.

Wagon R is a host of protective features, including a very smart radar break system (stops without driver), it is equivalent to the safety and other Kei’s car. If you ask me then I can think that you will kill something. If this is wrong, it’s because of you, it’s not a car. I will be advised.

In addition, in unnecessary acceleration, a huge problem that has been detected past hundreds of drivers, emergency stop signal to be aware of the driver, also comes with special features to prevent such as ESP.

Stylish Stingray models start with 1, 461, 240 Japanese yen, so the new 2015 wagon starts with Japanese Yen in the R8, 078, 920 base model. Regardless of the presence of the ordinary wagon R regardless of S-Ene’s charge or absence, it is possible to buy one, although an entry-level model you are for Stingray is dedicated to 5 models of this model. Manual gear can be bought between the box because it is 660 cc turbobo engine only for this model.

Available colors (Wagon R): Crystal White Pearl, mysterious Violet Pearl, Silky Silver Metal, Blue Black Pearl 3, Innocent Pink Pearls Metal, Urban Brown Pearl Metal, White Blue Pearl Metal.

Available Colors (Wagon R Stingray): Crystal White Pearl, Phoenix Red Pearl, mysterious Violet Pearl, Blue Black Pearl 3, Steel Silver Metal.

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