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Suzuki Cultus AGS 2018

A few months back, I reviewed the Suzuki clicks VXL in 2017. At this time, it was sad that pure Suzuki would also release the automatic type of Kitty, but it was not concrete. Nearly the search, Suzuki brought herself to a variety of Suzuki Cartast Agency at the end of 2017. ABS auto gear stands for shifts. I’ll explain it later. Let’s get started

Suzuki cartoon introduction

Suzuki Khyber Pakhtunkhwa workers released the first edition of more than 2000 Pakistan. In 2007, Pak Suzuki replaced engine engine with AIEI unit (same engine, different fuel injection). The same EFI unit was followed by Euro II in 2012. By April 2017, Suzuki Pakistan ever sold the same car with fine cosmetic changes. During this period, Suzuki also presented the car with CNG kit. The old clutas were producing for almost 17 years. Pure Suzuki really turns away.



The new Suzuki culture finally came down in 2017, but in the second half of the year AGS came down. New clips are two manual types and an automatic type.

  1. Suzuki Cultus VXR
  2. Suzuki Cultus VXL
  3. Suzuki Cultus AGS

Price of PKR 1.528.000 in the price of Suzuki Cultus AGS 2018, the value of VXR Cultus’s documents at PKR 1.270.000, the Suzuki Cultus VXL 2018 price is Rs 1.391,000. AGS Kallis is regular as VXL clips. The basic difference is to make Suzuki different adjustments of courses, transmissions, and internal changes (gear lever, console, and cluster) to different machine parts.


The appearance of the new clutter is very different from the previous model. The new generation is a dramatic advance from the previous generation. This is a new car from Rabbit.

First impression

When I first see the car, the vehicle is related to the Suzuki family. It seems that there is an intermediate child between Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Wigan R. The car looks modern and modern. The VXL comes with a variety of chrome front girlfriends and fog lamps.


Looking at the car profile, how will you look newer designs of the new car. There is no horn, sharp edge, and the whole car is a soft and smooth cut and cumulative flow. In AGS Cultus, 165 / 65R14 can be used on 14-inch alloy wheels of General Tycoon.


When you move on the back of the car, the nearby bacterial breaks turn light. The rear veneer screen is a bit tight but decent width.

The other simple hatchback, which is how to fit the size, how to see the new Cultus, here is the following simple table from the size of such other vehicles.



2017 Suzuki Swift vs. other car dimensions

You will also see the wire above the roof of the new clutter. Instead of the embedded radio antenna, a physical antenna was on the Suzuki terrace, and it is very large. The whole body panel fitting and the differences were quite appropriate. Cars are well organized.

Interior building is quite decent and overall improvement is compared to previous models. But as a dashboard is stylish as you would expect from an Indian strike on an intermediate level. Suzuki offers a large number of internal (dashboard accessories and weapons) to Pakistan. The feeling of dashboard is also unusual, but not bad.


The steering wheels are dark, there should be a dashboard tone which is according to it. You will see many silver bits inside the car so that they go out compared to the VRR version.

Audio unit

In the middle of the dashboard, to support Bluetooth (Media Audio / Telephone), USB, and Wisks, there is a factory-wide audio system. 4 speakers are connected to VXL AGS. Sound quality is quite decent, but connection with Bluetooth was a bit difficult.

Dashboard and Cluster

Dash meter is quite easy. High speed is displayed in the center, shows small RPM on the left, and is a digital meter on the right. Because it’s an automobile, digital display gear will show information such as gear indicator, gear mode (manual or automatic). Other information shown is fuel level, travel meter, clock, sky display distance, and outside.

Improve quality

One thing we were really surprised was the interior. All internal parts and panels were well organized. All rubber seals are fully set and all plastic panels (except anyone) are properly placed and fixed.


The cabin was relatively silent, and instead of the K10 engine, you will not be disturbed by such external noise. There was no sound of suspension and suspension of plastic parts. The power button on the side of the driver’s seat is on one side. The mirror automatically slides, but it never goes. The shoes contain 254 liters of storage space. Back seats can be divided into 60:40. The level of AGS gear is located at an extraordinary level because it is in manual culture. Liver is not a little bit raised above the dishboard, but it’s not too much. In addition, you will feel that there is no park position on the gear automatically.

Other functions:

  • Storage space
  • Cup holder (5)
  • Door panel
  • 12 V Shop
  • Electronic controlled mirror
  • Power Window
  • Suzuki Cartast AGS Drive

Suzuki Clutts AGS has the same 3 cylinders K10 B water cooling engine which consists of automatic transmission which comes with the common manual culture. You will find the same engine on the Suzuki Wagon R. The vehicle is 1000cc auto-fast. At 67 BHP 6000 rpm, 90 mm on 3500 rpm.

Automatic Gear Shift

Let’s install this auto-gear shift transmission into automatic Suzuki calls. Basically, the AGS is an “automatic manual transmission” system. Has Suzuki done that the electronic operator (its AGS unit) was installed on 5-bit transmission of manual manuals on ordinary Suzuki Ktsas. The high-speed and load-based electronic caroter changes the gear.

There is no physical clutch pad for the driver to move and change the gear. It is assumed that this is an automatic manual transmission, after taking your feet away from the clutch pedal with a manual car, you feel that there is a delay between gear changes. During achieving automatic transmission of automatic transmission from automatic transmission, the AGS has automatic transmission facility (not manual transmission).


But to cover this delay, it’s a trick to run. Maximum RFP, when it is a bit delayed after the vehicle changes slightly after the gear changes. To cover it, you need to paddle the race again to speed up the car’s change. In drag racing, AGS Katlus may be a little faster than manual culture if the right to run.

Like the imported 1000 cc like wits and fats, the Suzuki Cartast Agency is driving a better drive. Gear changes are smooth, and the engine does not lucky that you also hear three cylinder CVT imported cars. As mentioned above, there is no park status in the gear lever as seen in ordinary vehicles.

Cultus AGS 2018 showed about 14 kilometers / L during our test. In extreme cases, he showed a bad result of 8 Kilometers / L. Cultus comes with 35 liters of fuel tank.

Cartrass Easy and Handling

Speaking about the overall entrance, the new Suzuki Kotal agencies planted a little bit compared to previous generation vehicles. Although there is a broad margin, in other cases, you will notice that the inside width is not wide. When sitting in the driver’s seat, you can see that the knees and the low-handed feeling of the door is trapped between the trim and the center of the console. If you are 6 feet or more, you are forced to move to that place.

Rear set

Behind the same story. New Suzuki Kurtas should face five people. The front and the other are three. You can fit three adults on your back, but they are not comfortable, it’s definitely. One thing is such a ride for half an hour. However, whether you are traveling on a highway, to make matters worse, on your local Ben City streets, you need to stop a little more often to stretch your legs. . In addition, the background of front seat felt flat. The back on the back was at least at least.

Comfort ride

The new Suzuki Claus ride is better than the previous clauses. You can feel suspended for the way of Pakistan. It takes a good deal of boxes and bad roads. The car was just blowing cat’s eyes and got on the fly. McFarnes are in front of the shock and there are torse bits on the back.

Road grip, breakdown and safety

The road grip is great for a small family sandback. You can instantly redirect without losing its grip without its fear immediately.

The changing reaction is 4.7 meters. In addition, a new subsidy AGS comes along the passenger side and the driver’s airbucks. Set belt is two-way retireable type. This is a new car that conforms to the normal security standards around the world, because the body design body of Suzuki is to minimize pedestrian wounds. The vehicle comes with random entry and ambulance. ABS is also equipped.

Support of part and subsequent support

Pakistan’s Suzuki Pakistan has a 3S network in Pakistan. Since it provides after-sale sales, there is no problem finding new parts. However, some new parts of these new Suzuki vehicles are quite expensive in parts of the body. So you get 3S support, but repair your car is not cheap.


The new culture is moving one step. AGS technology is relatively new in Pakistan. Therefore, it is impossible to trust that how it will work after 1000 kilometers walk. In addition, it is always a new thing to deal with Pakistan to solve the new technology. We have noticed a lot or repair because we can diagnose them because decades ago the automotive transmission has been considered, to fail. But since then the bar has changed dramatically, to integrate into this new technology and to the local mechanic, Suzuki Cultus AGS may be able to feel some resistance from prospective buyers.

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